Sash Dee

Sash Dee lives in Germany, in a town near Hamburg. His first experience in Hardcore was in the early 90´s, a Vibes & Lively Tape from a Helter Skelter Event in the year 1994. That was the time where Hardcore hits in Sashs Life.

Sashs favourite music is still Hardcore & Freeform.

Inspired by artists like Hixxy, Gammer, Scott Brown & Brisk, he has started producing his own tracks. With a little help by NIGHTFORCE his skills improved over the years, and his productions are gettin better & better.

His breakthrough was the remix of Cotts & Whitey´s – Activate Your Energy, after that he got a lot of requests for remixes and collabs.

Now Sash Dee is signed to: Electronica Exposed, ReBuild Music & Candy Crush Music

Free tracks

Sash Dee & Ruff-E – Bassface ( Original Mix )
Sash Dee & Alex BassJunkie – Dreams Of Reality (Sash Dee’s Powerbounce Mix)


Email : rodheadz[at]
MSN : mindcreepa[at]
Myspace :
Youtube :


Miss Special K

Miss Special K
Miss Special K aka Karen has been smashing up the dance scene across the country for the past 8 years, playing a variety of styles including hardcore, happy hardcore, old skool, hard house and donk / bounce.

It all started in the mid 90’s when Karen and a group of friends hosted a pirate radio station which was broadcast across Torbay. At the age of just 13 Karen was very much into her hardcore and hard house. She was heavily influenced by the likes of DJs such as Sy, Vibes, Lisa Pinup and Andy Farley. Following numerous nights at the Monastry in Torquay, she decided to buy a set of decks and taught herself to mix whilst at uni studying to be a teacher. A year later (July 2002) Karen gained her first booking for Sectioned at Bar Latino and a residency with the Future Sound Crew (playing hard house at events across Devon). After this she received a residency at Castros, and Bristol event Phantasy Rushour. Karen also gained bookings at many events throughout Bristol and the South West including Technology, All Points West and Full Tilt. In 2004 hardcore bounced back onto the scene and Karen set up the night Totally ‘Ardcore at Castros in Bristol and began mixing hardcore and old skool. She soon became known on the scene, for her unique style of mixing and unforgettable performances. Since then she has gained bookings across the country at nights such as Fantazia, Storm, Fusion, Hard to the Core, Obsessed, True Hardcore, Firewall, and Delerium. Karen has also had the pleasure of playing alongside all of the top hardcore DJs, and performing back to back sets with Vibes, Vinyl Junkie, Wink, Clodhopper, Scar and many more. Renouned for her skilled mixing abilities and performances, she is now one of the most talented female hardcore djs in the country, and is once again making a big impression on the hard dance scene too.

As well as DJing, promoting, and now teaching full time(!!!), Karen is also producing her own music. She has made numerous unreleased bootleg remixes, as part of the KTeam (alongside MC Verbal and the Psycho Engineer), and her first serious tune ‘Outer Limits’ with DJ In Effect was released on Nukleuz, and is also featured on Hardcore Adreniline 3. Her newest track with DJ Sc@r ‘B**** Goes Boom’ has also been signed to Lethal Theory RAW and Hardcore Underground and is out on release very soon.

Email: missspecialk[at]

DJ Sc@r

Female Hardcore DJ Sc@r aka Kaylene Armstrong, is recognized today as one of the UK’s finest rising artists. The Australian-born DJ burst into the scene in 2006, working alongside Steve Uplift on the well respected hardcore label Raw Elements.

Sc@r’s DJing career has already taken off, making her one of the few female hardcore DJ’s to have performed around the world – including Australia, Canada, Belgium and the USA, not forgetting to mention further dates for Spain for HTID IN THE SUN and returning back to Canada in August and Australia in October and November is in the books! Her local reputation has lead to bookings at some of the UK’s premier events including HTID, Fantazia, Fusion, Firewall, Uproar, Hardcore Evolution and the UK’s longest running dance party Raindance. In addition her sounds can be heard weekly across the internet and airwaves on Krafty Radio, History of Hardcore Radio and London’s Eruption 101.3FM.

Many of Sc@r’s productions can be heard on underground hardcore label Raw Elements and Executive Records which both draw influences in from classic old skool sounds, to big euphoric trance riffs, mixing strong piano riffs, vocals, breakbeats and everything in between. Since earning her first vinyl release in 2007 with Lift Off & Dreamtime on Raw Elements,. It wasn’t long before her name was featured on album compilations including the internationally respected Bonkers, 100 Hardcore Anthems, Hardcore Underground series, and soon to be released in the upcoming months: Hardcore Addiction and Crush on Hardcore as well having tracks regularly aired on national Radio 1.

Adjamiba Clubwear are now sponsoring Sc@r and Miss Special K to wear their latest ranges. Visit their website at

The lady Sc@r dedicates her life to music, following her dreams to contribute to the hardcore scene which she loves so much. When she isn’t working hard in the studio or behind the decks, she is busy writing articles for one of her four features in ‘CORE’, the new bi-monthly hardcore magazine. This July Sc@r will be launching ‘The Powder Room’, which will be a regular event working co-side her CORE mag feature promoting ‘all female line up’, to help promote, encourage and build up support for the female artists of the Hardcore and Hard Dance scene. If you haven’t heard of her yet, then you’re not in the know!

For more information about Sc@r, including productions, mixes and bookings check out

Radio Shows

Sundays 2200-2400 hrs or 101.3fm
Tuesdays 1600-1800 hrs
Thursdays 1900-2100 hrs

My accomplishments of far :

Released Tracks

Raw Elements 20 A Lift Off – Sc@r Nov 2007
Raw Elements 20 AA Dreamtime – Sc@r Nov 2007
Raw Elements 22 A One – Uplift, Sc@r and Vicky Fee June 2008
Raw Elements 22 AA Back Into Time – Sc@r and Uplift June 2008
Raw Elements 23 A Subsonic – Sc@r & Clodhopper June 2008
Raw Elements 23 AA Bring it Back – Sc@r & Clodhopper June 2008
Executive Records 15 AA Afraid – Sc@r & Dizzy March 2009

Signed Forthcoming Tracks

Never Ending Dream – Sc@r and Joey Riot – Raw Elements 25a Due June 2009
Hardcore Power – Sc@r – Raw Elements – Raw Elements 25aa Due June 2009
Bitch Goes Boom – Sc@r and Miss Special K – Lethal Theory Raw 02a Due June 2009
Your Still Mine – Sc@r Lethal Theory Raw 02aa Due June 2009
Take Control – Sc@r and Cat Knight – Raw Elements 25a Due October 2009
I feel Nothing – Sc@r and Tony Benino – Raw Elements 25a Due October 2009
Obsession – Sc@r and Uplift – Raw Elements 26a
Move and Groove Ya – Sc@r and Druid Raw Elements Digital 02
Sunrize- Sc@r featuring Carman and Enemy Raw Elements Digital 03
Lovin – Sc@r and Vagabond Raw Elements Digital 05

Compilation albums featured on

Bonkers 17: Rebooted (3 x CD) One: Uplift,Sc@r ft. Vicky Fee. Resist Music Oct 2007
100 Hardcore Anthems (5 x CD) Afraid : Sc@r and Dizzy. Apace Music Feb 2009
Hardcore Underground 3 (4 x CD) Subsonic : Sc@r and Clodhopper. Hardcore Underground May 2009Crush On Hardcore 4 (5 x CD) Hardcore Powder : Sc@r
I Feel Nothing : Sc@r and Tony Benino. Crush on Hardcore June 2009
Hardcore Addiction (1 x CD) Back Into Time : Sc@r and Uplift
Bring It Back : Sc@r and Clodhopper. June 2009


Raindance , History Of Hardcore, Totally Ardcore, Master Ravers, Vinyl Perversion, Subsonic, X-Treme-Energy, Hi Skool After Parties, and DEX (Australia)

DJ Darwin

Darwin was first thrust upon the hardcore community via the Gammer remix of “Take A Ride”, done with Ant Johnson and hasn’t stopped gaining momentum since.

With the massive “Pulse Attack”, done in collaboration with Cube::Hard, played by DJ’s all across the hardcore spectrum and featured on “Hardcore Heaven 2” the public were first treated to a clear sign that a notable talent was emerging.

The underground anthem “Magical Rainbow” showed a fondness for “happy” hardcore, whilst always being counterbalanced with epic and darker material such as “Save Our Souls”. Having already mixed a commercially released album with “WOW What a Rush 10” Darwin also turned in a mix on the critically acclaimed “Hardcore Underground” with “WOW 11” released the same month.

Now a “core” RFU Recordingz and Notorious Vinyl artist, with forthcoming releases on Kaotik, Nu Energy, Thin ‘n’ Crispy, and many others. Darwin is pushing through into the wider hardcore mainstream conciousness without in any way compromising his underground sensibilities and range. From the recent breakbeat remixes of “Release Me” for CLSM and the timeless “Most Uplifting” on KFA, to vocal anthems like “Every Day” and “Angel From The Sky” with forays into “Party” sounds with “Floor Damage” and “Coral Beach” no set is complete without the talents of Darwin (aka Deeper Territory).

You can check Darwin on the Hardcore Underground show every month, wednesdays between 20:00 – 21:00.





DJ Mob

DJ Mob has been producing for 4 years now. He’s played drums, guitar and piano for around 8-9 years and has teached music for 5 years, and still is doing so! He loves bringing all his guitar and piano skills into his hardcore as much as he can, to make it sound unique!
Catch him every wednesday between 22:00 and 23:00 ONLY on Kraftyradio.

Scott Devotion

Hi, Here you can find the latest info on where I am DJ’ing, New releases on my label and others, New Albumss I am featuring on and much more. I have been DJ’ing since 1991 and being a DJ for that length of time I have picked up most ticks and skills there are in DJ’ing. I have been a Professional DJ playing in clubs in the mid –late 90’s using this as a great way to fund my hardcore DJ’ing

I am currently on top of many projects that are soon to take effect, one being my new label “Devoted Recordings / Devoted Digital”, which is ready for launch April 2009. The label will have a full web site and it’s own event and tour that’s planned for later in the 09. Most releases will be from me, but there will be signings from around the scene such as Fracus/Invader/SMS/Entity etc.

As a DJ I play anything ranging from 1990 – present day and like to compliment my sets with scratching and DMC style tricks. I usually edge towards the more rave and old skool influenced upfront hardcore.


Vibealite summer sensation, Raindance SE1, Hardcore Heaven, Fruit club, Elysium, Delirium, Total Eclipse, Nemesis, Whos Hardcore, Hardcore Distortion, Forever Hardcore, Breakin Science, Epidemik, Monthly Mayhem, High skool of hardcore, Happy Nation, Re-Birth, Twisted Temptation, Jelly Beanz, Totally Hardcore, Born2Dance N.Ireland, Dance 93 (London Scarla), Total Confusion, Enlightenment, Hardcore Rush, Dimensions, Flabbergast, Future Holland, Ruff & Tumble Germany and many many more.


Positive Energy Scott Devotion Feat Fraz Hardcore Addiction
Kick it hardcore Scott Devotion Hardcore Reunited
Goodbye Scott Devotion Nu Energy 100% Hardcore
The Light Scott Devotion Speed Trance/Hardcore JVC
Jump & Bounce Scott Devotion & TC Jam Jams Vol. 2
The Light Scott Devotion/Impact & AMS Hardcore Tunez 3
The Light Remix Scott Devotion (Rygor Remix) Ultimate Hardcore

****Scott Devotion Live Radio Mix Aug 2008****
Mix Link:

1. Invader & Fracus feat MC Friction – Underground Hardcore (Forthcoming Devoted Digital TBC)
2. 3Star & Invader – Get This Place (Forthcoming Electronic Exposed)
3. Jervis + Meat – Stop Wasting Time (Unreleased)
4. DJ Lord – Original Dangerous – (Scott Devotion & Airtight Remix) Unsigned
5. Scott Devotion – Gonna Be Alright – Forthcoming Executive Records
6. Scott Devotion & Airtight – What you do – Forthcoming Devoted Recordings
7. Cruze & Breaks – Rockin to the Flavour (Unreleased)
8. Scott Devotion & Airtight – Here comes the noise – Forthcoming Executive Records
9. Scott Devotion Feat Fraz on vocals – Positive Energy – Forthcoming Devoted Recordings

Devoted Recordings

Devoted Recordings my new Digital label kicking off very soon brought to you by myself. The label will have releases from not just myself, but various artists from around the scene, ranging from established names to new comers. I do have a passion for hardcore with a old skool flava to it but as a label I will be open to anything that hits the right spot. I will have a full press release very soon regards the label and its release schedule etc, so keep pealed for that

Anyone interested in submitting material please contact me on (E-Mail) and we can have a chat and hear your submissions. All tracks received WILL get a swift and detailed reply. Hope to hear form you soon on that note.



Auscore (Sam Barker), is a 17 year old upcoming UK Hardcore producer/DJ based in Western Australia. He has been writing his own tracks for a little over 2 years now and has already put his foot in the hardcore door. Sam has had tracks released on/signed to: Executive Records, CLSM Australia, Bedlam, Hardcore Reborn, Psychotik Trax, Hardcore Re-Addicted, ReBuild Music & many more. Sam has just started getting into DJ’ing fully and will be featured at many upcoming parties here in WA in the near future.

Sam first started producing a few years ago as a joke. He was still at school at this point and had no intention of making music his career path. He got a hold of FL Studio 7 and tried his best but nothing seemed to work and he gave up. He didn’t touch the sequencer for about 8 months and when he started again, it just clicked. He begun churning out choon after choon after this and constantly improving with every track. The first real showcase of Sam’s producing talent was when DJ Cotts started supporting him on the Aussie Hardcore Show on After this, Sam’s popularity grew and grew as did his motivation to write tunes. Sam recently grabbed one of his biggest accolades yet by scoring an EP on Australia’s most successful Hardcore label “Executive Records”. This will be released in the near future.

Sam is still only 17 and is as much a fan of the music as he is a creator of it. You will always find him at a perth rave, just look for the short guy with a hoodie.

Email: auscore[at]
[PSYD004] Auscore – With The Beat
[PSYD005] Auscore – Drop The Bass
[OVR011] Auscore & Cotts – Go DJ
[OVR012] Auscore & Audien – Anxiety

[HR3] Auscore – Bring That Beat Back/Jump To The Rhythm
[RBM002] Auscore – Bridge Zone
[HR5] Leda Vs Germanica – Blue Skies (Auscore Remix)


Auscore – Level Up (ReBuild Music)
Auscore – Light Behind The Rain (Hardcore Re-Addicted)
Auscore – Green Hills (Stage 2) (Glowstam Records)
Auscore – My Heart (Australia With Force)
Starstruck & Influx – Falling Over The Moon (Auscore Remix) (Australia With Force)
Level 4 Meets DJ Daemon – Still Loving You (Auscore Remix) (Hardcore Reborn)
Auscore – Unstable Frequencies (CLSM Australia)
Lee UHF & MC Domer – Dark Raver (Auscore’s Keep Jumpin Mashup) (Bedlam)
Stu Infinity Vs Auscore – Rising Up (Ralph Records)
Rescue Feat. MC Age-O & Kerry Lou – Makes Me Feel At Home (Auscore Remix) (Fast Music)
A.C_1 – Voodoo People (Auscore Remix) (Ralph Records)
Auscore Feat. MC Age-O – Till The End (Hardcore Reborn)
SleezBagz – Psychosomatic (Auscore Hardcore Remix) (Psychotik Trax)
JON-R-G, Ricky Rush & CDJ Desire – Beats 2 Fresh (Auscore Remix) (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore – Your Heartbeat (Non-Conformance Records)
Auscore – Time To Rock (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore & Audien – That Beat (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore Feat. Obie MC – Bass Injection (Bedlam)

For Srs