NuEnergy Collective Show week 27: DJ Haze

Podcast download:


1. Kevin Energy vs. A.B – Fuckin Rocking It Relentless    (Forthcoming)
2. Dover – Where’s My Money?    Bootleg
3. Uplift & Sc@r – Obsession Raw Elements (Forthcoming)
4. Haze & Dudlee Feat. Rowena – Dream Surprise Recycled Digital (Out Now!)
5. Danny Coggin – True Feelings (Dudlee Remix) Executive Digital
6. Weaver & Haze – Get Up (Darren Hotchkiss Remix)    Executive Digital
7. Jervis & Meat Ft Mc Static – Natural Born Fighter     Relentless Digital (Out Now!)
8. Hard Dance Alliance – Forever Young (Haze Hardcore Remix)     Masif Hardcore (Forthcoming)
9. Entity Feat. Amy – Stargazer (Kevin Energy Remix)     Relentless (Forthcoming)
10. Al Storm & Euphony – Second Kontakt (Al’s Disko Mix)     24-7 Recordings
11. Samba D Feat. Ellie Jay – Sweetness (Auscore Remix)    CD-R (Forthcoming)
12. Haze & Dover – Million Miles     Recycled Records 005 (Forthcoming)
13. Dudlee Feat. Rowena – Innocence (VIP Mix)     Recycled Digital
14. Spitfire – Feel This Way (Fracus Remix)        Recycled Records 005 (Forthcoming)


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