Operation Hardcore live on radio tonight! Joey Riot, Ham & more

15:00-16:00 DJ R!PP$
16:00-17:00 DJ Nu-Flow (Video)
17:00-19:00 Salford Seshments w/ Jimmy Hypa with MC Twist & Guests
19:00-20:00 Philo J
20:00-21:00 B-J-T (Video)
21:00-22:00 DJ Revs
**Operation Hardcore live**
22:00-23:00 DJ Andy Brown & MC Tempo,
23:00-00:00 DJ Ham & MC Enemy,
00:00-01:00 Operation DJ’s & MC Smiley,
01:00-02:00 DJ’s Cruze & Breaks, & MC Steal,
02:00-03:00 Joey Riot & MC Smiley,
03:00-04:00 DJ’s Jimmy Hypa B2B Nigel Neptune & MC Arnie.


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