Arkitech on NEC, MC Storm on Krafty in 2 weeks & more

17:00-18:00 DJ Ixnay will be back soon
18:00-19:00 DJ Pinnacle
19:00-21:00 Raw Elements Show with Sc@r & Uplift
21:00-22:00 Arkitech on the NuEnergy Collective Show
22:00-23:00 Denzo & MC Wotsee, Total Newport Thursday
23:00-00:00 DJ Rukkus (6-7pm EST)
00:00-02:00 Canadian Hardcore Collective (7-9pm EST)
02:00-04:00 Audio Damage with Eight and Mr Igloo

An awesome NEC show lined up tonight, with the sounds of Arkitech. If you haven’t yet, check out his first show.

Monday 7 December, MC Storm will join miDJe & Cuzen MC for a special 2 hour show!

We are going to try and stream Operation Hardcore this saturday. This event is ran by our own Philo J, is headlined by Joey Riot, DJ Ham, and Cruze & Breaks. We will do a streamtest Saturday afternoon, so by then we’ll know if the event can be streamed!


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