MC Wotsee lyrics: Respect, MC Wotsee’s back & more


This is MC Wotsee, what you see is what you get, not a base head or a cokehead or a smackhead high on ket, as a friend I’m pretty loyal, that’s the way it should be, respect I’ve shown to some, ain’t been shown to me, compulsive liars, big time charlies grab a flyer and see, the name that’s in the middle ain’t you it’s me, forget about the rest, accept no imitation, 5,4,3,2,1 the welsh sensation.

MC Wotsee’s back

Forget the things you may have heard I’ll tell you all the score, when I flew out of a sunroof banged my head hard on the floor, seen my life flash right before me, seen the blood pour down my face, people spreading rumours to my crew are a disgrace, all my mates with me that morning were like blood brothers to me, the Adam H, the Andy B, the horns-man Mikey G, all the stuff is done and dusted, people out there stop your crap, one thing really matters, MC Wotsee’s back.

What I was I’d be again

Came so close to death it scares me, close my eyes I cant sleep, got some scars now on my body I know I have to keep, months of anguish full of anger my mates were having fun, I hit the road at speed so very close to a tonne, through the pain I was determined what I was I’d be again, MC Wotsee ain’t a quitter there’s nobody the same, now I’m on the mic my message is quite simple and free, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.

My world that don’t exist

Look at me I’m pretty crazy in my world that don’t exist, I’ve had sex with all the Spice Girls so I think or was I pissed, I drive a Porsche Carrera, I’ve raved up on the moon, I think you all respect me but I might just be a loon, did you say I’m skitsofrenic wait a minute, where did you go, I base my life around you but you keep on saying no, at my wedding there’lll be thousands, am I off my tree, the men in white coats are coming for me.

Forces and HMP

Lyric’s for the people who can’t get to a rave either fighting for our
country or they couldn’t behave, all the crew that’s in the forces or HMP this is all your shout out from MC Wotsee, I know that your all raver’s love the music and more, wake up every morning have a listen to hardcore when your back we’ll party like never before you and I united we’ll rip up the dance-floor.


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