MC Wotsee lyrics: new & show only lyrics

Solve the puzzle

All my life stuck in a battle, all my life I’ve played a game, I won’t be noboddy’s puppet, there’s nobody the same, seen the good, the bad, the ugly, felt the love and the hate as I despise a lot of people handed things on a plate, always dare to do things different, standing tall on my own as I don’t try to be a bully and I hate to moan, from my school days and my streetlife to the place I am today, piece by piece I solve the puzzle as that is my way.

Good things always come

You try to make your money but you fail so many times, just to see your next door neighbour make his money from crimes, are you jealous of his lifestyle when you work so hard each day as he doesn’t lift a finger to earn double your pay, now this country’s always changing and we see it on the news if you want it, cant afford it, everyday you will lose, got to try do something different lose the anger and hate, good things will always come to those people who wait.

Much better than good

I moved on like I had to there’s no way I’m gonna lie, now my life has got direction like a cloud in the sky, believe I took my skill much further than I thought that I could, I’m not rubbish, I’m not average, I’m much better than good, can I often help but wonder why I have to bide my time just to get that prize and glory that we all knows mine, now I’m showing my credentials every day, every week, I’m not here to play a game this isn’t hide and seek.


The pendulum is swinging maybe time is running out, now I think the world is listening, this is what I’m all about, keeping up is so important you can never fall behind, if you spend your whole life searching who knows what you might find, never take things to heart, just get on with your life, keep on working so hard and show the world you can fight, just to try so hard to satisfy the needs you have each day, if your running out of breath you’d better hope and pray.

Ears are burning

So you think your ears are burning but you know you have to shine, is it all or nothing, are you wasting your time, can you even take the pressure shooting pains in your gut and will you even be successful when your kids grow up, never contemplate decisions if your feeling unsure from the life that your now living there just ain’t no cure, it’s the be all and the end all when decisions are made so never lose your sight on something or you might get played.

Future of this country

You want to be a gangster when you’re sitting in your school, want to make a lot of money never be the class fool, want to take someone’s virginity, start learning to drive, make yourself a massive name before you go inside, making money is the key thing and you know it always will, you can’t wait to drink some cider, take you’re very first pill, you’re the future of this country, you’re a star that’s gonna shine, do a crappy job then start a life of crime.

In it to win it

Now there’s chaos in the classroom and there’s murder on the street, if you’re in it to win it you never face a defeat, never get a rude awakening be stuck in a rut and if your girlfriend sleeps around you’ve got to call her a slut, if you’re running out of patience or just wasting your life do you stand and watch in horror or start bringing the fight, if you want some retribution your revenge will taste sweet, people often start to crumble if you raise the heat.


Brothels on street corners or inside a block of flats some the girls have been imported, some are just the council rats who in schooldays made their name by always being a slag, now you log onto their facebook and their starting to brag that their eldest is a boxer though he’s never met his dad, like his brothers and his sisters they all feel their life is sad but the UK ain’t the only place you’ll see this stuff occur, men will always dip their wick in girls who shit stir.

Tango Man

You never thought you’d be like this as people say you’re sound, now you’re standing by a gambler trying to win your twenty pound watching people walking past you as they go for a tan on the sunbeds always dreaming there the tango man, now the rate of unemployment has now hit a record high, you’ve got 50 forms to fill in, do you even want to try as the job will go to Pedro, maybe Yanush or his mate, go and get some Vodka fill you’re soul with hate!!

Circles that you mix in

Sometimes in life you’ve had enough of being poor and feeling rough, you won’t let go of any dream you’re not a part of any team, always fill the silence, feel the tension in the air, always playing the field because you just don’t care, being mean when you have to, being nice if you must, why you all fired up? Is it love or lust? This thing could be the end of you, you’re gasping for air, it’s the circles that you mix in makes you just not care.

Piece of cake

Do you ever get the feeling people use you all the time just to get a piece of cake to make them feel so fine, always help you when it suits them, turn their back when things are wrong, there is nothing you can do when people’s trust is gone, they can make a phoney promise tell you things you want to hear as in life there’s loads of bullshit but a lot more fear, if it’s slipping through your fingers act sharp be clever, take one step at a time as nothing lasts forever.

Ready for whatever

The world has lost it’s glory to the point of no return, to myself I made a promise in my life I’m gonna learn to be ready for whatever but still know it’s a shame that tomorrow you’ll be gone as your just part of the game , there’s some strength within myself from certain things that I see, I keep counting down the days till I am top of the tree, now I don’t know what to do, can’t let some feelings show but this bomb has got ten seconds then it’s ready to blow.

Things I didn’t say

I don’t want to live a dream I want it all to be real as people smoke away their social life say things that they feel, there’s so much I keep on saying people think could be true, but to others it’s quite simple this won’t make sense to you as some people read and listen to the words I say and write, learnt from things I didn’t say so now I’m bringing the fight, if I catch you staring at me I was staring at you, there’s nobody gonna change me and I know that’s true.

Going Nowhere

Are you tired of going nowhere, lost all faith in your life and think it’s time to move on because the time is right, want to follow your heart and live a life that’s new, pack your bags and leave your problems make a dream come true, set your heart on certain things don’t let your life pass by, be a loser when your ninety always question why, so remember these words, it never too late to say that my engines started running so get out of my way.

Made for losers

I’ll never say never I say anything goes as I am under no illusion in this life that I chose, when my ship comes in I’ll keep on knocking the door, second best is made for losers, I want so much more, if I need to end the story I do what I do, changing with no hesitation as the light shines through, so I’ve got my big plans I will fight till I die, thank the world for what I’ve got as I was born to try.

Piece of me

You people want a piece of me you try to bring me down, is it all about my status in this world or in my town, is it all about my talent that you know is shining through, is it just coz I’m a legend and that just aint you, when I’m angry I’m determined and much better than before, would I’ve got to where I am today not knowing the score, if your jealous that’s your problem, you won’t ever make it mine but this world is for the taking when I think it’s time.

Never Easy

In my eye’s a hidden message show’s my life a better way, All I need’s a bit of time to win this game that I play, got my street cred, reputation, left my childhood behind as in my life it’s never easy being one of a kind, people always tell me reasons why they think my life is wrong, born a legend, die a legend I ain’t week, I’m strong, if it’s possible I do it, I’ll take risks till I die, there’s no use in looking back, don’t even ask me why.

Live no lie

I love the song that’s on the radio it always make me smile, there’s no time for me to waste, unleash that inner child, music is my inspiration I work hard and here I stand as an icon and a hero, nearly all that I planned, can you hear me now I’m calling for the night of my life, I’m gonna blow away your mind and never give up the fight, I ain’t lying in the shadows all I want to do is fly, recognise the things I stand for, will not live no lie.

Get to the point

You played the game and lost again but where’d it all go wrong, got a lot of wicked memories from the time you were so strong, when some things are gone forever and your feeling alone, get your thoughts and act together think how long have you known that you give so much your everything to get to the point where the only thing that helps you is a beer and a joint, if you hate the way your feeling you must strive to achieve, if you always keep on giving then one day you’ll receive.

Give and Take

Your thoughts and all your feelings have been put in second place just to see another smile upon a loved one’s face, give and take is what you hope for but so far from what you get, if you make a schoolboy error do you live with regret, everyday the world is changing it gets madder every day as you have to keep on trying for survival, that’s the way, we may know the past and present but the future isn’t clear, forget what people say and this could be your year.

Crime and Poverty

You dream your days and nights away as time is what you kill, always think about your life when you had your last thrill as your stuck as a statistic and you know you’ll never change, if you tried to shop at Harrods you’d be looked at strange as you’ve live through crime and poverty see family go to jail, see your best mates go to college work so hard and always fail, just remember keep on trying, one day you’ll succeed as the massive’s will soon listen if you make them receive.

Move the goalposts

My lyrics all have meaning every one of them’s my life, my get out of jail card’s when I get on the mic, I’m a person whose got feelings, my dreams are left behind, it’s so obvious to people that I’m one of a kind, can’t stop, won’t stop, get out of my face, now I’m always spitting lyrics as a quickened pace, I’m a person whose got feelings I won’t put a foot wrong, I’m about to move the goalposts and it won’t take long.

Rock Bottom

Everybody want’s perfection they keep dreaming every day that some people pay attention to the word’s that they say if you hit rock bottom which drug will you choose, will you kill your nose with Charlie or your liver with booze so your a big man you done ten on the head now your mrs is a junkie and she’s almost dead, you won’t ever be forgiven if you live your life wrong, your a face on a poster when your life has gone.

Wotsee made it

So I’m fuelled by hatred learnt a lesson in love, I got some people looking down from the heavens above, casting fears aside to live my life with pride if my life’s a rollercoaster it’s one hell of a ride, I see people when in Tesco looking straight at the floor, people always run away as they can’t take any more knowing now that Wotsee made it on the mic kicking ass, it is all about the future not a tainted past.


I’ll never change the way I’m living never lose my self esteem, I’ve seen loads of social outcasts from the places I’ve been, do you share my own opinion, have one of your own as you won’t ever see me follow cos I’m standing alone, now I’m looking to the future if you give me half the chance I will brainwash many people with my lyrics when they dance, I’ll unleash my inner anger there’s a lot on my mind, never wasting my life I won’t be left behind.

High standards

Sometimes I start to wonder but I think I really know that emotions are a weakness you can’t ever let them show so believe in your ability and always be strong, go and start a new mission prove some people wrong, if you’re scared to death your always facing heartbreak, are you ready for a challenge what’s real or fake, if you’ve got high standards always live that way, make your world a better place than it was yesterday.

Luck Today

Are you suffering from depression have your dreams gone out the door, have you always been a giver would you ever ask for more, if somebody needed help would you turn and look away if your looking for a friend then your in luck today, there’s so much that I can teach you but a lot you have to learn as the centre of attention you must take your turn as next week could be so different but it’s not too late to say, what I want is what I get and someone now must pay.
Off the pace

It’s time to make that one confession time for you to come clean and accept what you’ve been doing at that place you’ve been, did you try and break a friendship, are you going insane as every road has got a crossroads would you do it again, got a tear in your eye and got a frown on your face, now your lagging behind because you’re so off the pace from the time you were arrested being pissed in town, the Judge and Jury have been waiting just to send you down

Ketamine raver

Been on it all night clubbing but you want to mellow down so it’s time to be a horsey time to fall and roll around so back to your mates to do a line of ket, now your mind will leave your body but don’t ever regret it in the morning when your desperate just to have another piss, you try to tell a story but you’re speaking shit, is your comedown ninety minutes, do you do another line or just jump out of the window as you’re flying high.

Mind your manners

I always keep you guessing always asking me for more as you know you have to watch me when I’m wiping the floor with the people who may doubt me as my life is now in tact as somethings could now be fiction but believe me I’m fact so forget what’s round the corner spend a day in my shoes, everyday gets real crazy have you heard the news, if you never mind your manners there is nothing left to do only see a different side of it believe me it’s true.

Money where your mouth is

Can you yell out any louder I don’t know if you can try, there’s so much you never notice and you never wonder why, put your money where your mouth is, set your goals in your life, do you think illucinations only happen at night so the nice boys love a sailor and the bad boys love a ho and your mum is saying yes and your dad is saying no so just try be individual and step in the ring, all these words are pretty simple go and do your own thing.

Blow you away

My childhood made me someone that I know will never change, now I see a lot of faces but I don’t know names as my past is well behind me, I just live for today, if you’re not a fan of Wotsee I’ll just blow you away as my style is something different, it’s unique in every way, standing tall, being counted, always earning my pay, so I know the clock is ticking, I don’t know what’s left, if you’ve tried to screw me over then prepare to regret.

Dying pain

Imagine being someone that the world has got to stop, chances always seem to pass you by, can’t show the skill you’ve got, loved by many different people but hated still the same, can you ever overcome this niggling dying pain, that’s the world I tend to live in now I’m gonna tell it so as it’s more about the noises not the skill of how you flow, I believe in what I stand for, I believe in who I am as this world has got to see me as a unique man.

Ryder Cup

My city’s got no money now it looks a building site but the ryder cup will sort it out, the councils talking shite as the builders every Sunday know their plans are gonna fail so they sell their prized possessions at the car boot sale, teenage pregnancy is rising like the use of coke and blow but this stuff is entertaining on another new show either hosted by Trisha or Jeremy Kyle, 15 dads keep on claiming that could be their child.

Feed the pigeons

You lost your job and wonder as your trying not to cry, people sit and feed the pigeons watch their life go by still remembering all the good days when you done the things you did but the road your on is oily and your hitting a skid, so a focus is now needed don’t let people bring you down, it’s quite easy being treated as a mug or as a clown but so many things will happen not expected, not at all so be you and no-one’s puppet always climb and never fall.

Not a Diamond Ring

So were stuck in a recession and it’s looking quite bad, there’s a pissed up bitch whose pregnant trying hard to find a dad, she was nailed without a condom and she don’t know a thing, all she got is someone’s semen not a Diamond Ring, now two thousand for her banger that is sounding quite a deal but towards a car that’s decent that won’t even buy a wheel, got no pension or no savings got no money at the bank, never sold a big issue, she still lives like a tramp.
No Evidence

Everybody out there have you heard the news as there’s another hundred mummy’s boys making it huge selling crack to the kiddies selling weed to your Nan, storing grands worth of Ephedrine inside of a van, got Viagra and Cialis and some GBH get you mashed up to a level you can barely see, making money pretty easy always covering their tracks as the coppers have no evidence or solid facts.


Let me make a documentary, grab a camera come with me, there’s the guy who scams his bus fare all he wants is 20p, there’s a toddler been arrested for causing a fire, I’ve got problems of my own never call me a liar, it’s a year to see the Dentist or a week to see a quack but it’s only twenty minutes if your smashed on smack, it’s a world that’s full of problems but it will not go away as I’ll never change my feelings or the words that I say.

Never Understand

When I was just a youngster did I know what I would see in the years that had to follow being what I want to be seeing things I thought were funny, seeing things that make me sick, if a woman’s got a pair of tits she don’t need a dick but Transvestites ain’t the only thing I’ll never understand as some people have a warped belief in making a stand which identifies a problem that will never go away as there’s people whose got issues on the streets today.

Unique Breed

I’ve brought you something different from the time I hit the scene in promoting different lifestyles from the stuff I’ve seen as you could get cut to pieces, be the talk of the town, have to put up with so many trying to bring you down, sometimes a bad influence is all I ever need, nothings ever gonna change me I’m a unique breed, it’s awkward and I know it, it ain’t easy being me, all the things that make me tick I’ll never let you see.


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