MC Wotsee lyrics: Girls Aloud, Phone is always ringing & more

Girls Aloud

Who do you relate to whose your idol in your life, is it Superman or Batman or your parents or your wife, do you think you have a mission or a job that you do, that makes you feel important always happy not blue, so if two is seen as company and three is a crowd, heaven is a gang bang with the Girls Aloud as I play within the rulebook I’m as agile as a cat, doing what I want to its as simple as that.

Phone is always ringing

My phone is always ringing who is going to ring me next, I accept it does my head in but I’ve got to try my best to accept its going to happen and it will not go away, I know I’ve got to answer hear what people got to say, is this Wotsee?? Yeah it might be, who is this that’s on my phone?? I love you mate your wicked I’ve got all your sets at home, “Yeah no problem mate that’s buzzing I’m gonna to have to go” as this is what surrounds me as an icon who can flow.

Behind the scenes

The set is getting closer and the clock is ticking down, behind the scenes I’m nervous sweating loads and walking around, in a minute I’ll be focussed as I know it’s my turn, I get up on the stage no time to learn, so I give an introduction watch the cameras start to flash, this is what the buzz is not the envelope of cash, for one hour of the spotlight I give everything I got, I’m not a flash in the pan coz I want the lot.

Be tomorrow’s news

It’s this business that I live for it is what my life’s about I put anger in my lyrics I don’t ever scream and shout, I’m constructive very different from the rest I’m on my own, living for the music every beat and every tone, the persona I created was designed to always shock, time is running out on us don’t stand by the clock, be determined energetic, stamp on all of your blues, if you work towards a target your tomorrows news.

Wasting loads of money

I was wasting loads of money out in town on every night, never had any ambition till my finance came tight then I found I had a talent but to most it was a joke, I jumped into the spotlight left my life in the smoke, on the net I built my name up, gigs were coming thick and fast but people kept on saying this wouldn’t last then I made it to the big time and I drew the line, nobody holds me back this life is mine.


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