MC Wotsee lyrics: A mad man with a purpose, Sorry doesn’t cut it & more

A mad man with a purpose

Never given any handouts my respect I had to gain every day was something different I play hard to win the game, in becoming MC Wotsee, MC Wotsee had to be, unique and very different with originality that raises me a question will I moan and complain if in twenty years time no-one remembers my name, like a mad man with a purpose there’s no way to prepare as my love for hardcore music is what I declare.

Sorry doesn’t cut it

Sorry doesn’t cut it, there’s an issue always there, you can crack a smile through anger, try to make out you don’t care, you can leave it, kick a fuss up, lose your head and go insane, plough into somebody just as fast as a train, breathe in deep and let your stress out, dig down deep you have to try, remember all the good times and forget what made you cry, can you see the point I’m making, can you feel the words I say, forget what’s round the corner and live for today.

Dreams come true

What’s the thing that makes me different stand away from all the rest is it
passion is it hunger or a will to be the best, I got focus and ambition leave
alone forbidden fruits I stand tall as an icon staying true to my roots all
my lyrics are so different I freestyle like no-one else you all no where I
come from doesn’t matter I’m welsh now I’ve won an award for the job that I do, I prove to everybody that dreams come true.

Heart and soul

I believe in what I stand for, I believe in who I am, I say everything I want
to, I’m a man whose got a plan, I got lyric variation I can pick up the speed as hardcore is my life it is what I believe all my fans are represented as they
feel the words I say if their rich or poor or famous if they straight or
even gay if their black or white or Asian if they work or claim the dole I’m
a true performer giving heart and soul.

Back to the future

Got my moral values what I think will never change, there’s a lot of things around me that can make me act strange, going back to the future gonna travel through time my very first booking my very first rhyme, so I want to be famous yeah I wanna be a star who’d have thought that simple lyric would have took me so far, on a journey on a mission that to me was not a shock a one way ticket on a trip to the top.


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