MC Wotsee lyrics: 8 mile, I used imagination & more

8 Mile

Its my life and no-one else’s what I do is what I do, I was born to be a winner I don’t lie its true, people stand and stare but listen then I see them grin and smile, cos I’m the British version of Rabbit in 8 mile, gimmicks ain’t a part of me my lyrics are deep I’m a Welshman so I’m dubbed to have a fetish for sheep through the hard times I get stronger I’ve seen heaven and hell this lyrical magicians started casting a spell.

I used imagination

Came from nowhere like a cyclone something new and not the same playing venue after venue I was like a hurricane, but the light got overshadowed it was dampened by a mist I used imagination turned out like this there’s no score I have to settle not a thing I have to prove I’m a winner plain and simple never play to lose if I want it I will get it I’m self centred if you like I prove to people who I am when I’m on the mic.

An everlasting dream

Drifting into semi consciousness an ever lasting dream will it turn into a nightmare will it make me want to scream, when I use imagination I paint pictures in my mind which form a hidden message that love is blind, all my dreams explain my future nightmares bring alive my past, my wife, my fame, my children or hitting the glass, when I wake up I remember bits and pieces from the night, there’s good times and there’s bad times when your high as a kite.

My mate Barno’s

I was twenty one and reckless not a care in my life so I started writing lyrics chatting them through a mic going round my mate barno’s on his decks I learnt my trade a few years later I believe I’m made, so I love my entertaining it is what I live for, standing on the stage ripping up the dance floor, my legacy is written I’m a link in the chain, setting new standards is the name of the game.

£80 journey

Gonna have a party all my friends are coming round as were going on a journey only costing eighty pounds, got a pack from hardcore heaven got a strongbow in my hand I’m gonna get wasted just as bad as I planned, got some rizla in my wallet got some skunk inside my coat is somebody getting Charlie here’s a fifty pound note, with no feeling in my body I will always crave for more I’m gonna lose my senses fall asleep on the floor.


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