MC Wotsee lyrics: One and two, I’m huge in the UK & more

One and two

Add one and two and yeah you get three, I’m just hypening the crowd cos I’m the mc, you add one more, yeah you get four, you and I together lets rock the dance floor.

I’m huge in the UK

Fifteen cans of Carling, found a system and a mic, who’d have thought what I created on that drunken Friday night, for years I took the statement “MC Wotsee this and that”, if UK law was different many would have got a slap, but now I’m here I’m smiling, I often wonder how, people tried to stop me but look at me now, the best in my own country what can local muppets say, I’m known by raver’s around the world, I’m huge in the UK.

Milf Hunter

You can read the Kama Sutra till the very back page, my philosophy on women’s  they get better with age, their experienced, developed and their muscles are strong, have you seen some of the women on milfhunter dot com, Sam Fox oh what a legend but there’s quite a few more, imagine Pamela Anderson knocking your door, this ain’t sleazy it’s quite funny but its also filth, American Pie taught us the world of the Milf.

Makes me stand proud

Waiting for a taxi on my driveway Sunday night, see a kid who rides past me on a stolen mountain bike then he see’s three of his best mates they turn round their coming back, one of them is Asian, two are white and one is black, oh blad are you the mc, did you go to our school, you’re a legend on the playground to the kids your really cool, these things often embarrass but it makes me stand proud, I know that I am respected when I’m rocking a crowd.

Never been a quitter

Never been a quitter, never gave up in my life, done a lot of things wrong, done a lot of things right but here I am this evening with a smile on my face, the mic’s in my hand watch me rock this place as the bass kicks in, my rhymes come fast, I make a first impression that’s made to last, so what people say will be shown tonight that when I’m on the stage you believe the hype.


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