MC Wotsee Lyrics: Homerun Hitter, Satellite City & more

I’m a homerun hitter

Say I’m sick and twisted you can say I’m very bitter, like a baseball player I’m a homerun hitter, in my field of dreams I’m looking up to the light, the sky is my limit when I get on the mic, from the time that I was 21 I only had 1 dream, that’s to be a massive icon in the hardcore scene, people sing my lyrics coz I got their respect, this feeling is amazing what’s coming next.

The Satellite City

Brought up in the place called the Satellite city where the boys act bad and the girls ain’t pretty with houses getting robbed and fires being lit, using Newport slang like “you knows it”, people go to work for their 6 till 2 coz their saving all their pennies for their rocky and glue, going on their break getting drugs from their locker smoking with their blads, coz they’re safe and proper.

Bottle of rush

Wake up in the morning and its quarter past ten your late for your giro overslept again, got no money for a taxi cannot even get a bus you spent your last fiver on a bottle of rush, now your up the job centre see your best mate signing on, he offers you some ganja its from Holland so its strong, you finally get your money, you get strongbow from the spar, what a wicked lifestyle believe its safe bra!!!

A Schoolboy in Lliswerry

This lyric is a story its from back in 95 there’s a school boy in Lliswerry whose a wire very live most his teachers seemed to hate him he made one break down and cry they couldn’t understand how his marks were so high, break-times he would wrestle like Shaun Michaels or The Rock, a show from in a circus was the sixth form block but the head got to expel him with a letter of law now Rawlings biggest enemy is rocking the dance-floor.

The local press all hate it

So the dust has finally settled and the smoke has finally cleared I’m now what I gave my life to I’m now what so many feared, from day one I’ve been so different trying new stuff every day, award winning at Slammin sums up all I’ve got to say, but the local press all hate it, they refuse to let it be, a local music power who is not the GLC, I’ve got haters, I’ve got slaters, I got critics, I got fans, a lyrical technician with the world in my hands.


2 thoughts on “MC Wotsee Lyrics: Homerun Hitter, Satellite City & more

  1. mr wotsee im lovin your lyrics thanks for postin them online bruv ur loyal fan woko1981

  2. time to go for now, i will leave you with a smile not a froune, its time for my tea a nice bowl of lobby then off to watch the telly. early start in the morning the time i cant stop yawning as i watch the sun coming over the horizon, just think of me driving along the m6 when all of a sudden i get bumped by some dick not watchin where he’s goin not payin attention then i find out that he was masturbating lololololol im not an mc i dnt intend to be but this shit i write is just for me

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