MC Wotsee lyrics: You can live your life like me, Want to be famous & more

You can live your life like me

Respect from all my family and respect from loads of friends I might drive round in an Astra not a flash Merceydes Benz, I might wear Lacoste for clothing spend my money to have fun, I’m dedicated focussed going to be number one, so I’ve done my education now my past has been set, gaining motivation working hard and losing sweat so I’m spreading you a message my advice will come for free you can do whatever live your life like me.

Want to be famous

Want to be famous yeah I want to be a star yeah I want to be a guy who drive a flashy car well I want to have money for me to splash around, i’ve come to hype the raver’s with my lyrical touchdown.

Element of risk

Its an element of risk, it’s the chance that you take, if you take a 50-50 its make or break, it can make you rich and famous or homeless and poor, know the consequences, know the rules and score.

My dream is now reality

Drive to different venues in the car park I will chill, when I walk into the party yeah I feel a wicked thrill, see a lot of different people everybody knows my name, my dream is now reality I’m living in fame, so I sign a lot of autographs have pictures taken too, it is all I ever wanted cant believe it came true, stay away from being cocky, keep my feet on the ground performing for the raver’s with a lyrical touchdown.

Life is like a module

Life is like a module every day is like a stage I can read you like a book now I’m gonna turn the page as the ending of this chapter sees us dancing having fun, ill take your mind and body to the maximum.

Who the hell are you

Friends from many years ago we kept our friendship strong but you went and turned your back on me, is chasing dreams so wrong, you can slate me if you want to but what you gonna do coz I’m a famous mc who the hell are you.



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