Kraftyradio Toolbar info

Our toolbar has a bunch of useful features for anyone that likes to have everything conveniently in 1 place. Install it by going here ! It works for Internet Explorer as well as Firefox, and can be uninstalled without a problem.



Probably the most useful of all functions, this little player lets you listen to Kraftyradio without having to open any music player! Click the little triangle next to the station name to listen to our Podcasts as well.


Visit our shop for event tickets, CD packs and more!

We’ve also included 2 links to our high quality T-Shirts, by


Links to all our groups, gatherings and whatnot are here. You can even choose to use the old style chatroom which is now HIDDEN TO ANYONE ELSE~!

You can now send a message to our DJ’s without even going on the site! As displayed above, the most useful of information is relayed through to us by the shoutbox.



This actually IS useful, you can access the whole lineup in a few clicks! Whoa.. like.. whoa.

Read all about our events. Bounce Heaven, Vibealite, Hardcore Sensation, the whole shazam!



All our Top 10 podcasts are here, and this button will let you know when a new podcast has been added! It’s like living in the future.. today!


A gently scrolling title will inform you who or what is playing. Nifty.


Probably the least useful feature, but it’s how the toolbar guys make their money. Search with this searchbar, and we get a few pence!


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