Free Auscore mix, and unmixed MP3

Auscore has made a new showcase mix with his latest tunes, and has also given out a free unmixed track.

Auscore – Dragostea Din Tei (free track)

Auscore – Production Showcase Mix (November 2009)

1. Spit – Shen Mue (Auscore Remix) (No Label)
2. Auscore – Here We Go (No Label)
3. Gav G & Dan Rolla – Hold You Tight (Auscore Remix) (Shush =P)
4. Samba D Feat. Ellie Jay – Sweetness (Auscore Remix) (No Label)
5. Auscore – Let Yourself Go (Rebuild Music)
6. Auscore – Open Your Eyes (Australia With Force)
7. Himbo Feat. MC Enemy – Threw It Away (Auscore Remix) (Lethal Theory Raw)
8. Auscore – Forever Autumn (No Label)
9. Spit Feat. Ellie Jay – Show Me How (Auscore Remix) (No Label)
10. Auscore – Get Up (No Label)
11. S3RL Vs Auscore – Green Hills (Nu Energy)
12. Auscore – Psychopath (Bedlam)
13. Auscore – That Feeling (No Label)
14. Auscore – Dragostea Din Tei (Free Track)
15. Auscore – Don’t Stop (No Label)


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