NuEnergy Collective Show week 21: Synthwulf

Podcast download:


1. Crackerjack & Reese – James Brown Is Dead    (CDr)
2. S3RL & SynthWulf – I Am The DJ    (F/C Relenltess Digital)
3. Lost Soul Ft. Dark Angel – Taking Over Me Nu Energy
5. Gammer – Rippin’ Up Relentless Vinyl
6. Marc Smith & Gammer – You Can Dance Notorious Vinyl
7. A.B – Coming Up (SynthWulf Remix)    (F/C Nu Energy)
8. Dancelordz – Together (SynthWulf Remix)    (F/C Relentless Vinyl)
9. Kevin Energy – Waves Of Desire (SynthWulf Remix)    (F/C Nu Energy)
10. D.L.S – Freefall Relentless Vinyl
11. Arkitech vs Double Decka – Life Is A Construct Kaotik
12. Rx ft. Jolea – My Serenity (SynthWulf Remix)   (F/C Nu Energy)
13. Ephexis vs. Helikaon – Illiad (SynthWulf Remix)    (F/C Nu Energy Digital)
14. Kevin Energy & A.M.S – Go Insane Switched On
15. Synthwulf – Fugue    (CDr)
16. Synthwulf – The Other Kind Nu Energy Digital
17. SynthWulf – Freeform In D Minor    (F/C Nu Energy Digital)

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