Sash Dee

Sash Dee lives in Germany, in a town near Hamburg. His first experience in Hardcore was in the early 90´s, a Vibes & Lively Tape from a Helter Skelter Event in the year 1994. That was the time where Hardcore hits in Sashs Life.

Sashs favourite music is still Hardcore & Freeform.

Inspired by artists like Hixxy, Gammer, Scott Brown & Brisk, he has started producing his own tracks. With a little help by NIGHTFORCE his skills improved over the years, and his productions are gettin better & better.

His breakthrough was the remix of Cotts & Whitey´s – Activate Your Energy, after that he got a lot of requests for remixes and collabs.

Now Sash Dee is signed to: Electronica Exposed, ReBuild Music & Candy Crush Music

Free tracks

Sash Dee & Ruff-E – Bassface ( Original Mix )
Sash Dee & Alex BassJunkie – Dreams Of Reality (Sash Dee’s Powerbounce Mix)


Email : rodheadz[at]
MSN : mindcreepa[at]
Myspace :
Youtube :


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