Hardcore Underground 3 (CD) Review

(Written by DJ Mole)

Hardcore Underground 3 is  the new CD compilation mixed by the people in this scene that matter if it wants to continue to be great and different.

The DJ’s mixing this CD are Brisk & Ham, Marc Smith & Al Storm, Stormtrooper & Fracus, Darwin, CLSM & Nu Foundation.

The amazing thing that makes Hardcore Underground 3 different to other CD’s is the diversity it holds, it ranges from your vocal cheese to riffing freeform to breaks and much more, there really is something for everyone and because it holds such diversity it keeps you listening again and again, other albums don’t hold this effect on you.

Another thing to point out is the amazing price tag; £9.95 for 4 CD Mixes and amazing packaging (see ) whilst other CD compilations are normally priced around £11.95 for 3 CD’s which is in my opinion a rip off as it will normally be loaded with 1 label’s tunes and you will be bored in 2 days.

Now for the hardest part of this review, rating the mixes themselves.

Disk 1 – Brisk & Ham

One thing Brisk & Ham never fail at is an Intro tune and they have hand picked the great “Connected” by Darwin, a vocal anthem with a heavenly feel to it. This mix also boasts fan favourites such as Ham’s remix of Lost Prophets “Rooftops” and “Moscow Mule” by Brisk & Stormtrooper which has a very computer game kind of feel to it and a well known riff,  my personal favourite tune’s on the mix are Darwin “Without Fear”, Fracus “What It Feels Like” and “Musical Endeavour” by Darwin, Obie & Macca.  Most of this mix is amazing bar one or two tracks though it is all down to personal opinion though.

Disk 2 – Marc Smith & Al Storm

Marc Smith knows how to get down and dirty starting off with “Hardcore R U Ready” which is a mixture of bleeps and bloops, with a hard style influenced riff, awesome!  This mix is the definitive dark  and filthy partycore mix of the bunch, you never get to come up for a gasp of air with hands in the air anthems such as Al Storm’s “Surrender” and the amazing Gammer & Marc Smith Remix of “No More” by Darwin & Rampant Feat. Ant Johnson.  My favourites on this mix are Marc Smith’s “Can You Feel It”, Skinny & Bundy’s “Let’s Get Dirty” and Darwin & Obie’s “Kraze”.   This mix has a couple of repetitive sounding tunes but again it’s down to opinion, one thing to point out about this mix though is that the cutting is very impressive.

Disk 3 – Fracus & Stormtrooper

Entering this mix with a breakbeat feel always makes me happy especially if you have listened to the 2 mixes before hand in a row on full pelt.  This is the mix i was looking forward to most and it don’t disappoint! Packed with anthems such as Fracus’ “Every Word You Say” and Darwin’s “Kicking Stuff”.  My favourites on this mix are of course “Kicking Stuff” by Darwin which has been a favourite of mine since I heard a clip a while back! Also loving Ethos’ remix of “Stick ‘Em” and Entity & Darwin’s  “Moving Over” – you gotta love that kick drum!, This mix is all thumbs up from me, mixing both vocal anthems and rushing partycore tracks what more do you want!!

Disk 4 – Darwin, CLSM & Nu Foundation

This mix again starting off with on a trip of breakbeats and is the other mix I was looking forward to most, the anthems that feature in this mix there are pretty much too many to name but I’ll name some anyway “Given A Vision” by Entity & Darwin, Nu Foundation’s “Wizzy” and Cube::Hard & Chwhynny’s “Into The Light, Into The Fire”.  My favourites on this mix are basically every single tune though a mention must go out for Darwin’s remix of Michael Mansion’s “Let Me In” which is the most romantic tune ever!

Overall Hardcore Underground 3 gets a solid 10/10 for brilliance I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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