Scott Devotion

Hi, Here you can find the latest info on where I am DJ’ing, New releases on my label and others, New Albumss I am featuring on and much more. I have been DJ’ing since 1991 and being a DJ for that length of time I have picked up most ticks and skills there are in DJ’ing. I have been a Professional DJ playing in clubs in the mid –late 90’s using this as a great way to fund my hardcore DJ’ing

I am currently on top of many projects that are soon to take effect, one being my new label “Devoted Recordings / Devoted Digital”, which is ready for launch April 2009. The label will have a full web site and it’s own event and tour that’s planned for later in the 09. Most releases will be from me, but there will be signings from around the scene such as Fracus/Invader/SMS/Entity etc.

As a DJ I play anything ranging from 1990 – present day and like to compliment my sets with scratching and DMC style tricks. I usually edge towards the more rave and old skool influenced upfront hardcore.


Vibealite summer sensation, Raindance SE1, Hardcore Heaven, Fruit club, Elysium, Delirium, Total Eclipse, Nemesis, Whos Hardcore, Hardcore Distortion, Forever Hardcore, Breakin Science, Epidemik, Monthly Mayhem, High skool of hardcore, Happy Nation, Re-Birth, Twisted Temptation, Jelly Beanz, Totally Hardcore, Born2Dance N.Ireland, Dance 93 (London Scarla), Total Confusion, Enlightenment, Hardcore Rush, Dimensions, Flabbergast, Future Holland, Ruff & Tumble Germany and many many more.


Positive Energy Scott Devotion Feat Fraz Hardcore Addiction
Kick it hardcore Scott Devotion Hardcore Reunited
Goodbye Scott Devotion Nu Energy 100% Hardcore
The Light Scott Devotion Speed Trance/Hardcore JVC
Jump & Bounce Scott Devotion & TC Jam Jams Vol. 2
The Light Scott Devotion/Impact & AMS Hardcore Tunez 3
The Light Remix Scott Devotion (Rygor Remix) Ultimate Hardcore

****Scott Devotion Live Radio Mix Aug 2008****
Mix Link:

1. Invader & Fracus feat MC Friction – Underground Hardcore (Forthcoming Devoted Digital TBC)
2. 3Star & Invader – Get This Place (Forthcoming Electronic Exposed)
3. Jervis + Meat – Stop Wasting Time (Unreleased)
4. DJ Lord – Original Dangerous – (Scott Devotion & Airtight Remix) Unsigned
5. Scott Devotion – Gonna Be Alright – Forthcoming Executive Records
6. Scott Devotion & Airtight – What you do – Forthcoming Devoted Recordings
7. Cruze & Breaks – Rockin to the Flavour (Unreleased)
8. Scott Devotion & Airtight – Here comes the noise – Forthcoming Executive Records
9. Scott Devotion Feat Fraz on vocals – Positive Energy – Forthcoming Devoted Recordings

Devoted Recordings

Devoted Recordings my new Digital label kicking off very soon brought to you by myself. The label will have releases from not just myself, but various artists from around the scene, ranging from established names to new comers. I do have a passion for hardcore with a old skool flava to it but as a label I will be open to anything that hits the right spot. I will have a full press release very soon regards the label and its release schedule etc, so keep pealed for that

Anyone interested in submitting material please contact me on (E-Mail) and we can have a chat and hear your submissions. All tracks received WILL get a swift and detailed reply. Hope to hear form you soon on that note.


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