Miss Special K

Miss Special K
Miss Special K aka Karen has been smashing up the dance scene across the country for the past 8 years, playing a variety of styles including hardcore, happy hardcore, old skool, hard house and donk / bounce.

It all started in the mid 90’s when Karen and a group of friends hosted a pirate radio station which was broadcast across Torbay. At the age of just 13 Karen was very much into her hardcore and hard house. She was heavily influenced by the likes of DJs such as Sy, Vibes, Lisa Pinup and Andy Farley. Following numerous nights at the Monastry in Torquay, she decided to buy a set of decks and taught herself to mix whilst at uni studying to be a teacher. A year later (July 2002) Karen gained her first booking for Sectioned at Bar Latino and a residency with the Future Sound Crew (playing hard house at events across Devon). After this she received a residency at Castros, and Bristol event Phantasy Rushour. Karen also gained bookings at many events throughout Bristol and the South West including Technology, All Points West and Full Tilt. In 2004 hardcore bounced back onto the scene and Karen set up the night Totally ‘Ardcore at Castros in Bristol and began mixing hardcore and old skool. She soon became known on the scene, for her unique style of mixing and unforgettable performances. Since then she has gained bookings across the country at nights such as Fantazia, Storm, Fusion, Hard to the Core, Obsessed, True Hardcore, Firewall, and Delerium. Karen has also had the pleasure of playing alongside all of the top hardcore DJs, and performing back to back sets with Vibes, Vinyl Junkie, Wink, Clodhopper, Scar and many more. Renouned for her skilled mixing abilities and performances, she is now one of the most talented female hardcore djs in the country, and is once again making a big impression on the hard dance scene too.

As well as DJing, promoting, and now teaching full time(!!!), Karen is also producing her own music. She has made numerous unreleased bootleg remixes, as part of the KTeam (alongside MC Verbal and the Psycho Engineer), and her first serious tune ‘Outer Limits’ with DJ In Effect was released on Nukleuz, and is also featured on Hardcore Adreniline 3. Her newest track with DJ Sc@r ‘B**** Goes Boom’ has also been signed to Lethal Theory RAW and Hardcore Underground and is out on release very soon.

Email: missspecialk[at]hotmail.com

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