Jimmy Hypa

Jimmy Hypa

Alright  guys I’m DJ Jimmy Hypa, I’m 24 years old from sunny Salford in Manchester and started listening to hardcore when I was about 12 listening to my sisters tapes an Stu Allans hardcore hour key 103. As soon as I turned 14 I started attending the under 18s events at bowlers every month without miss. When I hit 17 I was hooked and was up & down the country every weekend.

I started Dj-ing 7 years ago on my first set of decks; a pair of shitty gemini direct drive decks and mixer to get started on. I used them for about a year before upgrading to a pioneer DJM 600 mixer + technics 1210’s and pioneer CDJ 100s.

In 2002 I started to DJ on a community radio station run by a government funded group called radio regen which i had a monthly show 12-6 am on 106.00fm . In 2003 I started at City college learning all aspects of music tutored by hacienda legend Jon da Silva and co promoted a small night called Threshold @ the park nightclub in manchester with a couple of m8s.

From there I have been booked by: Vibealite, Totally Lost It, Missing In Manchester, T.L.I gets Livlee,  Hardcore Nation, Head Rush, Maximum Rush,Hektic Beats, HardcoreExplosion, Totally Mashed, Energized, Planet Bounce, We Call It Hardcore, Imminent, Rebellion, Sussed, VLU (Very Loud Underground), Mixed Ability, Project Hardcore, and many other small events across the northwest.

My show on Krafty is every Saturday 6pm-7pm , where I play live with MC Twist, so check it out!


Email / MSN : jimmy_hypa@hotmail.com


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