Free Hardcore MP3’s

Here’s a collection of all the free hardcore tunes / mp3s we have ever linked to on Kraftyradio. If a link doesn’t work, let us know in the comments!

Eufeion – Tetris Party

Eufeion – Zelda’s Ass

Dune – Can’t Stop Ravin’ (Samba D’s 2007 Bootleg Remix)

Mindtrust VS Samba D – Ravers Groove 2008

Yoshi J – Kaechi! Teochi! Yoshi!

Yoshi J – Bowsers Chant

Heavens Cry – Till Tears Do Us Part (Eufeion & Marco Polo 06 Remix)

Compulsion & Orbit1 – Got Any

Inverse & Evolution – Raindrops

Himbo & MC Enemy – Just for You (Inverse & Evolution Remix)

Lumin8 & Cheever – Sahara

Inverse & Lumin8 – Addiction

Inverse – The Longest Road

“Popcorn” (Nu Foundation Remix) (all KF tracks for free!)

Geos Crew – Far Out (Remix)

One Night – Skampy TC & Ampz

Time after Time – TC remix

Contraption – Higher, Forever (D&A Atomic Robokid Remix)

Moby – Everytime You Touch Me (Darwin Remix)

Bass D & King Matthew – Like A Dream (Darwin Remix)

Chwhynny – I Am (Trance Mix)

A-HA – Sun Always Shines On TV (Darwin Remix)

Darwin – U B Long 2 Me

Chwhynny – My Love

Chwhynny – Morris Call

Auscore – Everybody Scream

Akon – Right Now (Marro Remix)

DJ Mob – Sonic Rush

SMS – Right Now

Mozz – Chronic Beats

Mozz – Broke It

Mozz – Check Yaself

Mozz – The Joker

Showtek – Black (Darren Hotchkiss Remix)

Special D – You (Alex Bassjunkie & Defekt Remix)

DandyCrouch – Underground Sound (miDJe 09 Remix)

miDJe & Cuzen MC – Mission Objective

miDJe & Rush – Get Up

miDJe feat Lexzi – I’m Not Alone

miDJe ft Kiz MC – Beat Gets Kickin

Plus System – Prince of Darkness (miDJe & Rush Remix)

Alek Száhala – Iron Squid

Pain on Creation – Lush (original)

Haze & Nycon – What Goes

Technikal – Technical Support (Nomad Hardcore Remix)

Haze & Nycon – What Goes (rightclick > save as)

The Razmus – In The Shadows (PARANOiD DJ Remix)

Paul EP & Smithy Vs Mob – The Shizzle

Deadmau5 – I Remember (DJ Midas Remix)

Phenex – Green Greens (Hardcore Remix)


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