.: Bio :.

Eufeion; originally going under Leigh Outrage ventured in to the studio with Digital Beatz producer “Tazz” in 2001 and wrote many a Freeform track.
Most noted were Search for Evolution & Metamorphosis that were released on Electronic a few years later.

Also working with Impact of Infixions Audio on many projects in 2004 including projects for Relentless Vinyl. From 2005-2007 I co-ran the labels “Addictive Vinyl & Ravin Phantasy” projects with Denile, This lead me to start my own productions, and with one more studio session with Ephexis in 2007 I turned to my own studio. In 2008 I became a solo artist. With Deniles departure from music, I started my new solo label “Hardcore Re-Addicted”.

Since going under Eufeion my sound has become unique giving a driving, hard but uplifting feel to my music. I’ve done remixes for: Nukeluz, Slipmatt, CLSM, Nu Energy, S3RL, Scott Brown and more. My original productions take a more uplifting & wacky approach with a driving full of energy feel.
I’ve also become a recording artist for both Nu Energy & Nukleuz Records.

.: Past & Future Bookings To Date :.

HTID, HTID In The Sun 2009, Fusion, Hardcore Revelation Electrik, Overload, Maximum Euphoria,
Crazy Town, Plus 12 (+12), Future World, Hardcore Maniacs, Activation, Vibealive, Rush,
Hardcore Breakdown, Ballastic Beats, Hypersonic, Hardcore Pulse,
Diskotek, Hardnature, Operation Hardcore, Cruze-In, Happy Nation & more.

.: Past & Future Releases On Labels :.

Evolution Records, Liquid Hardcore, Can You Feel It Media, Nukeluz, CLSM Records,
Electrik Euphoria, Electronic, Relentless Vinyl, Executive Digital, Nu Energy Digital,
Relentless Vinyl Digital, FBI Recordings, Electronic Phusion, Addictive Vinyl UK,
Audio Reanimation, Ravin’ Phantasy, Hardcore Coalition, Hardcore Re-Addicted,
NSR Records & more.







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