DJ Pinnacle

Like many, I got hooked on ‘rave’ music and in particular Hardcore whilst still at school. After hearing an old Slipmatt tape in 1995, the old commercial dance albums were put to one side as they were no longer doing the business! After listening to many more tapes and cds, I knew I wanted to have a go at DJing! By 1999, when I could afford a pair, I purchased my first set of turntables. As the years went by, I built a collection of records from all different genres and focused on developing my own personal style of mixing.

In 2006, after playing at many University events over the previous 3 years, I played at Hardcore nights such as ‘Total Eclipse’ and ‘Hardcore Connexions’. I also received a booking to play an Old Skool 94 set for Watford’s ‘Musik 4 You’. 2006 saw me step into the studio for the first time and this inspired me to take a music production and sound egineering course.

In 2007 I was in the studio more frequently. One of the outcomes was a track titled ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ co produced with Seany Tee which has been signed to Cruze, Breaks and Friction’s brand new label ‘Trackmaster Music’. Another track, titled ‘Put Me In The Mix’ featured on the ‘Platinum Rave Weekender’ album mixed by DJ Vibes. 2007 saw a DJ resindency at Viva La Hardcore, a new event at the time which hosted events at the Well Music Venue in Luton. I also gained a weekly slot on History of Hardcore Radio.

In 2008, I played at events such as Raindance, History of Hardcore and Ballistic Beats as well as continuing the residency for Viva La Hardcore which moved to Kettering, and more recently Club Life in Vauxhall. Success in the studio also continued with a track ‘Non Stop Hardcore’, which has been signed to one of my favourite labels over the past few years – Thin n Crispy. As well as that, two other tracks ‘Every Time’ and ‘Feels Like Heaven’ have been sign ed to Raw Elements, which were co produced with DJ Nostalgic. ‘Every Time’ featured on ’15 Years of Hardcore’ mixed by DJ Vibes which is availabe to buy on i tunes. I have also secured a slot on Hardcore’s most popular internet radio station –

Over the past 10 years I have developed a smooth crisp style of mixing, always striving to lay down the best track selection for the crowd I’m playing to. Because of this, I play a variety of Hardcore from Uk, Bouncy Hardcore to uplifting and dark Freeform with some breakbeat and Drum n Bass thrown in for good measure. Anything goes in my sets, I just love good music! My production at my home studio is also improving constantly, and I have just finished remix of the classic Freeform track ‘Filling Me With Desire’, which has been submitted for the remix competition.

Email: dave_ra83[at]

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