DJ Darwin

Darwin was first thrust upon the hardcore community via the Gammer remix of “Take A Ride”, done with Ant Johnson and hasn’t stopped gaining momentum since.

With the massive “Pulse Attack”, done in collaboration with Cube::Hard, played by DJ’s all across the hardcore spectrum and featured on “Hardcore Heaven 2” the public were first treated to a clear sign that a notable talent was emerging.

The underground anthem “Magical Rainbow” showed a fondness for “happy” hardcore, whilst always being counterbalanced with epic and darker material such as “Save Our Souls”. Having already mixed a commercially released album with “WOW What a Rush 10” Darwin also turned in a mix on the critically acclaimed “Hardcore Underground” with “WOW 11” released the same month.

Now a “core” RFU Recordingz and Notorious Vinyl artist, with forthcoming releases on Kaotik, Nu Energy, Thin ‘n’ Crispy, and many others. Darwin is pushing through into the wider hardcore mainstream conciousness without in any way compromising his underground sensibilities and range. From the recent breakbeat remixes of “Release Me” for CLSM and the timeless “Most Uplifting” on KFA, to vocal anthems like “Every Day” and “Angel From The Sky” with forays into “Party” sounds with “Floor Damage” and “Coral Beach” no set is complete without the talents of Darwin (aka Deeper Territory).

You can check Darwin on the Hardcore Underground show every month, wednesdays between 20:00 – 21:00.






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