DJ Ballistic & MC Surgeon

Hi! I am Jay (DJ Ballistic) & My partner in crime is Will (Surgeon MC). I am a DJ/Promoter/Raver and I play/promote UK Hardcore music/events as well as attending many different raves of all sizes. I have been attending these events for well over 11years and bought my first set of decks in 1998 (some very dodgy memorex belt drives! yes memorex did make a record deck with adjustable pitch!). Upgraded to my 1210 mk3s in 2002 and got my first booking in 2004 at a night called ‘Teknology’ in Norwich.

I then had to wait over a year for another booking which I got through entering a competition with that saw me play for the legendary Vibealite @ club mission in Leeds.
In February 2006 one of my old haunts from the 90s, Hyperbolic, started doing events again. I handed in a CD at the first event, played at the second and when I came off the decks was immediately booked for the third event. I’ve been one of the regular DJs for Hyperbolic ever since, playing for them many times at half a dozen different venues including their current home at The Park in Peterborough and I am booked to play their massive 16th Birthday event in September ’08.

When I first started playing at Hyperbolic, I got to know an MC who was starting to make a bit of a name for himself, though a bit rough around the edges, it was plain to see that he was committed to developing and perfecting his own style, known as the Surgeon MC(Will) we got together to do some demos about 18 months ago and we have been playing out together as much as possible ever since. I’ve witnessed him developing his style, always trying to improve, which is why I think we’ve stuck together, We are both always trying to improve our sets, striving to be the best at what we do and the reaction we get when we play together seems to indicate we are doing something right!

A couple months ago we did our first radio show “Brainstormin” on KraftyRadio and are now a permanent show on there every Monday night 9-10.

We have played at many events over the past couple of years, these include :- Energy Rush, Hardcore Nation, Future Hardcore, Hardcore Generation, Total Eclipse, Purplexed, High-Voltage, Ravelution (DJ’d with MC Livelee),

Hi-energy, Hard Nature and We are resident at my own event Brainstorm. Will also made it through to this years final of the Hardcore Heaven MC competition.

In November ’07 I promoted my first event. It had been 10 years since I first thought ‘I’d like to promote my own parties’ and doing the event was like a dream come true for me. I am now in the process of promoting our first birthday party and the last year has seen us throw 6 successful parties. The most successful was our last event ‘Idiosyncrasy’, which saw us ram the Park in Peterborough.

Will and I have started producing our own tracks, we’re on a steep learning curve at the moment but we will get there. I’d like to finish by saying that both Myself and Will do this for the love of it, We absolutely love getting behind the decks in front of a bunch of up for it ravers!


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