Darren Hotchkiss

Hello, I’m Darren Hotchkiss an up and coming dj/producer from Glasgow. I play and produce UK Hardcore and Gabber if you’d like to hear any my productions check out my myspace link below.

As my dads a DJ I was brought into the hardcore scene and started getting into the music at a young age. I got particulary interested in DJing when I was 15 but i had my first set of decks since I was about 10 (as you could imagine I didn’t want nothing to do with them, I just wanted to play football haha). I got my first booking when i was 15 (May 2007) at Luminious @ Club ICE in Kilmarnock. Since then I’ve been booked for loads of big events in and around Scotland including Fantazia, Fantasylands, HTID and BTTF and also Internationally at Candyball in Brooklyn, New York.

Production wise I started producing in October 2006 but started caining Cubase in the start of 2008 and since then I’ve improved tons. I’ve recently been signed to Notorious Vinyl as one of the Notorious artists so you can expect some EP’s coming out soon with my tracks featured on them including an EP with Marc Smith and an EP with my Dad (The-Doctor).


Myspace: myspace.com/HotchkissDJ

Bebo: bebo.com/HotchkissDJ

Twitter: Twitter.com/DJHotchkiss


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