Auscore (Sam Barker), is a 17 year old upcoming UK Hardcore producer/DJ based in Western Australia. He has been writing his own tracks for a little over 2 years now and has already put his foot in the hardcore door. Sam has had tracks released on/signed to: Executive Records, CLSM Australia, Bedlam, Hardcore Reborn, Psychotik Trax, Hardcore Re-Addicted, ReBuild Music & many more. Sam has just started getting into DJ’ing fully and will be featured at many upcoming parties here in WA in the near future.

Sam first started producing a few years ago as a joke. He was still at school at this point and had no intention of making music his career path. He got a hold of FL Studio 7 and tried his best but nothing seemed to work and he gave up. He didn’t touch the sequencer for about 8 months and when he started again, it just clicked. He begun churning out choon after choon after this and constantly improving with every track. The first real showcase of Sam’s producing talent was when DJ Cotts started supporting him on the Aussie Hardcore Show on After this, Sam’s popularity grew and grew as did his motivation to write tunes. Sam recently grabbed one of his biggest accolades yet by scoring an EP on Australia’s most successful Hardcore label “Executive Records”. This will be released in the near future.

Sam is still only 17 and is as much a fan of the music as he is a creator of it. You will always find him at a perth rave, just look for the short guy with a hoodie.

Email: auscore[at]
[PSYD004] Auscore – With The Beat
[PSYD005] Auscore – Drop The Bass
[OVR011] Auscore & Cotts – Go DJ
[OVR012] Auscore & Audien – Anxiety

[HR3] Auscore – Bring That Beat Back/Jump To The Rhythm
[RBM002] Auscore – Bridge Zone
[HR5] Leda Vs Germanica – Blue Skies (Auscore Remix)


Auscore – Level Up (ReBuild Music)
Auscore – Light Behind The Rain (Hardcore Re-Addicted)
Auscore – Green Hills (Stage 2) (Glowstam Records)
Auscore – My Heart (Australia With Force)
Starstruck & Influx – Falling Over The Moon (Auscore Remix) (Australia With Force)
Level 4 Meets DJ Daemon – Still Loving You (Auscore Remix) (Hardcore Reborn)
Auscore – Unstable Frequencies (CLSM Australia)
Lee UHF & MC Domer – Dark Raver (Auscore’s Keep Jumpin Mashup) (Bedlam)
Stu Infinity Vs Auscore – Rising Up (Ralph Records)
Rescue Feat. MC Age-O & Kerry Lou – Makes Me Feel At Home (Auscore Remix) (Fast Music)
A.C_1 – Voodoo People (Auscore Remix) (Ralph Records)
Auscore Feat. MC Age-O – Till The End (Hardcore Reborn)
SleezBagz – Psychosomatic (Auscore Hardcore Remix) (Psychotik Trax)
JON-R-G, Ricky Rush & CDJ Desire – Beats 2 Fresh (Auscore Remix) (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore – Your Heartbeat (Non-Conformance Records)
Auscore – Time To Rock (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore & Audien – That Beat (Psychotik Trax)
Auscore Feat. Obie MC – Bass Injection (Bedlam)

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