Name: Josh McInnes
Date of Birth: 7th May 1988
Hometown: Portsmouth, England (UK)

Who is JAKAZiD? What does he do? Does he have an interesting smell? Is he available for childrens’ parties at a competitive rate? The answer to all three of these questions is a very simple ‘no’.

JAKAZiD is the producer and internet moniker of 18-year-old Josh McInnes from Portsmouth. Whilst lazy and unmotivated in pretty much all aspects of life (potential employers please disregard that bit), his main passion in life is to write enjoyable and energetic dance music. Josh prefers to describe his compositions as “the culmination of several happy accidents invoked by pure boredom”.

Email: info[at]jakazid.net
So how did Josh become acquainted with electronic music? His earliest recollection goes back to 1992 at the young age of 4 years old when he was listening to a (then) recent dance compilation on tape cassette belonging to his parents. A particular track opened his mind, “Out of Space” by The Prodigy; a musical burst of energy which combined wacky samples with reggae lyrics and pitched-up hip-hop rhymes.

At the age of 9, Josh started to learn to play the keyboard. It was not long before he wanted to experiment and write music of his own, and this began with a program called MAGIX Music Maker. Music Maker was mainly a sample-based program which had both its upsides and downsides. Whilst not being able to write melodies of his own, it gave him a lot of practice in being creative with audio sampling. During his music production infancy he made “Printer Beats”, a very basic dance track which turned the sounds of a Epson Color Stylus 720’s paper feed mechanism into an infectious dancefloor riff.

It was during the start of secondary school when Josh became known as JAKAZiD. In search of a completely original name for people to identify his music under, he thought for days and nights for a clever and catchy name for himself. A week later his ideas list was still as clean as the day he bought the pad of paper. So he took a different approach, and constructed a string of random syllables to form a completely new word. “JAKAZiD – what do you think?”, he asked close friends and acquaintances. Responses included “You’re nuts” and “It’s awful, I hate it”. Josh had found a winner.

Also during this time, Josh met one of his biggest influences in getting into the music production biz, Simon (or Mr. as he had to be referred to back then) Paul, a music teacher at his school. A highly inspirational chap with appreciation for all forms of music, it was Simon who gave Josh great encouragement to persue his interest in music production, and if Josh had gone to another school he’d probably be fighting for a job in the IT sector now!

During his time at secondary school, Josh became obsessed with an arcade game called Dancing Stage, or Dance Dance Revolution. Until now his main genre of choice had been house music (despite his rave roots), but it was through listening to DDR’s affiliated Dancemania albums produced by Toshiba-EMI Japan that introduced him to the sound of modern day happy hardcore.

Josh’s first venture into hardcore production was a track called Crazy which he posted for criticism on a DDR forum. Maybe slightly too long for a real hardcore track (a song hitting the longer side of 9 minutes), it consisted of a minor theme which introduced and provided the mid-point to the track, and a much happier theme which was considered the stronger theme to the track. The postive reaction to the song encouraged JAKAZiD to write even more tracks of this kind of music, and in 2003 he produced an entire album known as Aural Adrenaline, closely followed by a sequel the year after, both gaining him further popularity amongst the internet communities he was a member of.

Little did Josh know that his horizons would brighten even further when he created video remixes of 2 very popular TV adverts that raised his popularity even higher when they featured on B3ta‘s prestigious weekly newsletter of internet lolhood. Radio airplay, business ventures, and even newspaper interviews followed, as Josh found his products of idle computer time spreading across the internet like wild gazelles strapped to bloody huge rockets.

2005 would have been the year in which Josh unleashed the third Aural Adrenaline album to the public, but alas, tragedy struck. A severe bout of hard disk corruption rendered many of the songs scheduled for Aural Adrenaline 3, well… unrenderable. This is when Josh decided to take Aural Adrenaline into a new path, and from the ashes of Aural Adrenaline 3 rose a digital MP3 label: Aural Adrenaline Digital, a new output for the same addictive and energising style of music that Josh was known for.

That brings us to now, or today as you strange ones call it. With his skills improving all the time and his flame of passion for music never burning out, who knows what path lies ahead for JAKAZiD.


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