DJ Stylus

DJ Alex Stylus

DJ Stylus first discovered Hardcore in the mid 90’s taking inspiration from the likes of the Prodigy. Quickly he invested in his first set of decks and perfected his mixing skills. In 1995 he co-ran a record shop called TNT with his microphone man of choice, the now world famous, MC Whizzkid. Together they brought dance music to their area and quickly became a well known combination and much loved local talent! As his reputation grew he was scouted to write a music column for a popular local newspaper reviewing new releases in the music scene.

By 1997 he was promoting many regular events including a prestigious drinks launch for “KWL” featuring DJ Luck & MC Neat. Alex later went on to start the massive illegal rave party known back then as “JEDI” with his brother and current musical partner AudioJunkie.

Mix these ventures, with hip hop success under the band name N.A.P where Stylus was then known by his AKA ‘Sniper’, and AudioJunkie by his AKA ‘Jda Man’, which went on to hit the Mobo Awards short list. By 2001 Stylus was regularly performing at clubs countrywide including Escapade, Hidden and Po Na Na. DJ Stylus would frequently include his own personal productions in his set, delving into musical styles such as Drum & Bass and House music amongst others. Alex’s talent for production really shone through on the dancefloor!

Currently DJ Stylus is working on various Hardcore productions with AudioJunkie, and engineers vocal recordings for many artists including, of

course, MC Whizzkid. Most of which have featured on major selling compilations such as Hardcore Nation 3, Hardcore Adrenaline 3, Helter Skelter Hardcore 2007 and various productions by artists like, DJ Squad ‘E (Aint Seen Nothin’ Yet), Peacemaker & Billy Bunter (Time to Dance) and DJ Weaver (Animal) including Whizzkids album intro’s for DJ Seduction. Combine this with having a track of his own featured on Hardcore Adrenaline 2, a Hip Hop track with Whizzkid featured on the british movie “Car – Jack”, and numerous live DJ sets around the country, things are looking good for the main name to watch out for in 2008!




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