DJ Denzo



“My first experience with Hardcore music was back in about 2000 after hearing Bonkers 3 on a mates dodgy cassette walkman. At the time I enjoyed a fair bit of Trance but wanted something new to listen to, Hardcore took up the duty. Just listening to the music got boring for a while and in May 2004

I bought a low end cheap and nasty set of decks along with Plus System – Commence and Styles & Breeze- Heartbeatz. These served their purpose of teaching me the basics and allowing me to discover that I actually enjoyed mixing. I quickly outgrew them and upgraded to the industry standard 1210mk2’s. Soon after getting these I recorded my first demo mix and submitted it to the administrator of the then forthcoming radio station Hardcore Revolution. It was accepted and I held a regular slot on HCRev for a year or so. During that time I got to know MC Wotsee and soon after TNT (Total Newport Tuesday) was born. Hosted by Wotsee and with fellow DJ, Barno, this became the stations second most listened to show and grew a large audience. I also achieved a residency in one of the UK’s most successful small nights, Atomic. As time passed TNT grew more and more and due to a number of reasons we switched stations to Krafty Radio where we have gained more success than ever.”





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