NuEnergy Collective Show week 2: Eryk Orpheus

Podcast download:


1    Delta Godrum – Believe Again (Eryk Orpheus Remix) CDR – Forthcoming
2    S3rl – Pretty Rave Girl Relentless Vinyl (buy)
3    Scott El and Douglas – Naked Angel (Rave Mix) Nu Energy – Forthcoming
4    Impact and Nomad – Utopia Nu Energy – Forthcoming
5    Endemic – Chaos Theory Nu Energy – Forthcoming
6    Anon – World is Strange Balearic Bootlegs (buy)
7    Anon – No One Else Ballistic Bootlegs
8    Marc Smith and Arkitech – Rock and Roll Notorious Vinyl (buy)
9    Kevin Energy and K-Complex – Lets Talk Drum Relentless Vinyl (buy)
10   Darwin Remix – Rhythm Liquid Hardcore (buy)
11   Kevin Energy – It’s About Time Relentless Vinyl (buy)
12   Eryk Orpheus – Funky Flow Nu Energy Digital
13   Eryk Orpheus – Really Nasty Nu Energy Limited – Forthcoming
14    Arkitech and Eryk Orpheus – Paranoia CDR – Forthcoming

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