August 09 Top 10 (JAKAZiD)

August ’09s top 10 mix, mixed by JAKAZiD

At the beginning of August every year, the ravers of Tokyo congregate for a celebration of hard beats and even harder raving: The Day of Hardcore. A free party is held in the district of Shibuya, and many of Japan’s often-overlooked underground hardcore producers debut their new releases here.
*Nukleuz Records’ own in-house hardcore artist JAKAZiD presents a showcase of past and present from the Far East, including exclusive plays from a number of tracks due for release this week from Japan’s most promising hardcore artists including DJ Shimamura, M-Project, M-Neko and RoughSketch, as well as the first full-play of JAKAZiD’s new track “Nø Reasøn”. You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else!”


1. Cycheouts Ghost – Arcadex – ROMZ Record
2. DJ Shimamura – Bring The Noize – Dynasty Records
3. M-Neko – Everything Needs RAVE – MPT
4. M-Project – Blue Lotus – Terraform Music
5. Joshka – No Reason – Hardcore Tano*C
6. DJ Shimamura – Return 2 Universe – Dynasty Records
7. L.E.D. feat. Sana – The Shining Polaris (Kors K Remix) –  Konami
8. RoughSketch – Pride or Money – Mob Squad Black Label
9. DJ Sharpnel – Shine!! – MPT
10. m1dy – Wani – Maddest Chick’ndom Pork

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